About the attacks in Barcelona. Against hate: Solidarity.

We in Apoyo Mutuo (Mutual Aid), a political initiative with aim of social transformation, want to show our complete solidarity with the victims of the fatality perpetrated in Barcelona. Hate deaths of innocent civilians in any place of the world will never have justification.

In case of confirmation about jihadist motivations in this attack, we think is needed to focus in some points, given the struggle against hate and terror are a duty to any person who wants a world free of this political expressions.

1. Most of the victims of today impersonated by ISIS’ jihadist terrorism, take place on muslim mayority regions. This religion’s supporters are day after day the main target of this extreme right fascist religious faction.

2. ISIS is an extreme right organization who seeks to submit people in muslim mayority territories and to grow ethnical hatred where they are not a mayority. On the other hand, hate against muslim world from Occident do nothing but feed this idea and help them spread it. We cannot let hatred spread in our communities. Do not let them get away whit it.

3. ISIS did not come out from nowhere, it is the result of decades of military interventionism from West in the East. ISIS’ political expectrum was promoted by US and their allies in eastern countries to face Soviet influence in the context of Cold War. Nowadays, this current between Wahabism and Salafism is encouraged and supported by great allies in West countries as well as in Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Turkey, who invest huge amounts of money in funding this ideology. We must cut relations with those countries who promote hatred.

4. Fear and terror has been lived today in Barcelona is what thousands of refugees are running off when they risk their lives by precariously crossing the Mediterranean Sea. To welcome terrorism victims is a duty for all democrats. Let’s not forget ISIS has already devastated most of Syria, Iraq and other African zones such as Sahel.

5. Best way to fight against Islamic extreme right from social movements is to generate inclusive intercultural communities. The generation of separate communities in ghettos only increases distances and incomprehension amongst cultures. Living together in democratic frameworks is the best brake on the generation of excluded population seeking refuge in ideologies of hate.

6. It is urgent to develop an internationalist popular movement in support of muslim communities threaten by wahabism, secular movements in Middle East and political movements who seek a way out the conflict through respect, equality and democratic values. Among this movements, is the Kurdish People – who has pushed back ISIS army through the armed struggle – the one who has developed in a higher grade a multiethnic, respectful and democratic social system which is embodied in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria.

Barcelona will always be the Rosa de Foc (Rose of Fire), the rebellious and anti-fascist resistance city. The ghost of European fascism is raising its ugly face once again in the shape of Islamic Fascism. In memory of the victims, today as yesterday: They shall not pass!

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